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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 10, 2011 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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radio station 105.3. that will definitely buy a t frightening moments on a flight bound for san francisco, tonight we have team coverage of the passenger who caused the mid-air disturbance plus the relative speaks to us. also, budget cuts mean slower emergency response in the south bayh, what the fire chief told us tonight about rolling brown outs. but first, a shocking split, arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver announce they are separating. >> they were one of california's power couples but tonight arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver are no longer
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together. the announcement came tonight. a spokesman says the two were working on the future of their relationship and living apart as they continue to parent their children. arnold schwarzenegger finished his run as california governor in january. he is pursuing new acting opportunities. maria shriver is a member of the kennedy political dynast and the daughter of sidelines. maria shriver and maria shriver said this has been a time of great personal and professional transition for each of us. after a great deal of thought, reflection, discussion, and prayer, we came to this decision together. at this time, we are living apart, while we work on the future of our relationship. maria shriver and arnold schwarzenegger have been married for 25 years. new tonight at 11:00, san jose is asking its fire department to make more cuts. officials are looking at starting brown outs this summer to curb costs and prevent more
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loves. kron 4's reggie kumar tell us what that means for residents. >> reporter: they may do something they have never done before, rolling brown outs, the fire stations will only be allowed to use one or the other trucks, not both. the vehicle not being used will be placed out of service for that day. the captain says they decided to do this instead of closing a fire station. >> engine company and a truck company, one will be browned out, put out of service for that day. it will be on a rotational basis. it won't be the same station every day. up to two units can be taken out of service. >> he says brown outs will cause the response time of 8 minutes to be longer. on top of that the five
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firefighters could be reduced to four. the extra man will be moved to a vacancy that hasn't been filled. >> now you will have to pick another company out of another station, up to 5 miles away, so you will have a longer response. >> it would effect one on north market street, 13 on pearl avenue, 14 on santa road and 16 on south king road. >> reporter: if they decide to go ahead with the brown outs they will start in july, including here in station 1 and last all year. reggie kumar, kron 4 news. new details about the man causing a flight disturbance by pounding on a cockpit door. you see the suspect here being taken away by police. investigators try to figure out
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why he had to be tackled 30 minutes before the plane was supposed to land. it was somewhere overmodesto when he made his move towards the cockpit. kron 4's dan kerman has more. >> reporter: american airlines flight 1561 left chicago at 7:05 sunday night. as the plane flew, 30 minutes from san francisco, police say a passenger seated in the rear of the plane got up and started making his way towards the first class cabin. >> flight attendant tried to anticipate where he was going, at that point the passenger continued to the flight deck door, cockpit door where he began striking on the door. the flight attendant tried to get the passenger away from
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the door. >> when the passenger refused to move back, the flight attendant did bear hug him, trying to take him away. >> the attendant then called for help. a pilot, who was a passenger board the plane came to his aid. police say a retired police officer and a retired secret service agent also helped get the man to the ground, secured for the final 30 minutes of the flight. >> we need priority handling on our arrival. the pilot contacted air traffic control requesting priority landing. >> reporter: the suspect, seen here, was taken to the county
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jail and transferred into the custody of federal authorities. this complaint charges the man with interference with flight crew members and attendants. she is scheduled to be in court on tuesday morning. at sfo, dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> one passenger on the plane snapped a few photographs and posted them on twitter. this shows the incident on the plane, stunned passengers watched the scene unhold. the next photo shows the suspect being taken off the flight. and the third is in the terminal, shows authorities interviewing witnesses. we are uncovering new details about rageh almurisi. officials say he carried a yemeni passport. his family members are speaking out about the incident. the family spokesman showed kron 4's haaziq madyun photos.
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>> reporter: this is video we obtained of rageh almurisi. the passenger recently taken into custody for causing a disinterruption on a sfo flight. he says his cousin is a math teacher from yemen. >> i don't think he knows anything about terrorism. i don't think he knows how to shoot a gun. >> reporter: he has an idea what may have triggered his cousin to approach the doors. >> i think they probably offended him and that's the reason he was up there, trying to complain about something, maybe he was being mistreated. i could see because i have been mistreated. he doesn't care about poptics. he is a regular guy. more into math than anything else. >> he is an orphan to came here
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a year ago. now his family is trying to find him. >> they are not releasing any information to us. >> reporter: haaziq madyun, kron 4 news. temperatures up 3-9 degrees over yesterday and warmer weather tomorrow. high temperatures today in the 60s and 70s. along the coast, upper 50s. we can expect warming tomorrow. temperatures inland upper 70s. even in the south bay. back into the 70 monopolies a look at tomorrow. clear skies right now. a few clouds but they are pushing out. few scattered showers to the south. but that has taperer off. cool conditions over night. tomorrow morning, it will be chilly. temperatures warming up into the afternoon. 4:00, warmer temperatures, although winds are breezy. we will look at the temperatures neighborhood by neighborhood in a bit
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in tonight's headlines, the mississippi river is at its highest flood levels in decades, particularly nomisms tennessee. hundred offstages memphis, tennessee, hundreds of homes are flooded. pakistan says it will grant the u.s. access to osama bin laden's three wives. they have been in custody since the navy seals stormed his compound but relations are still tense. newt gingrich used social networking sites to formally announce his plans to run for president. he has a network of supporters
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and donors. some suspect his divorces may be negs for his
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now a -- now a look at other big stories around the bay covered by our kron 4 news crews. >> reporter: pg&e begun pressure testing its gas lines, the idea is to identify weaknesses in the line that could fail. they removed the gas from the line, replaced it with water. any weaknesses will be released with a new piece of pipe. they will test 150-miles of pipeline. kron 4 news. >> reporter: the napa state hospital is dealing with another assault. you see these flowers, they are honoring the victims in that assault. the hospital saying on sunday one of its patient attacked a few workers and they sustained
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minor injuries. the hospital had no comment on the growing trend of violence here. the workers said they are fed up with the trend and it's a strange working climate. kron 4 news. >> reporter: police are investigating a weekend burglary that happened here at costco. two men crashed a truck into a gate of the store around 3:00 sunday morning. they used the truck to pull the atm machine. the truck was stolen last week. police are hoping that somebody saw something. jeff bush, kron 4 news. >> reporter: over the bay bridge, at night you are likely to see delays because of the construction. they are doing a detour. you can see the new route here.
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it is a simple detour. night time hours, memorial day, be wear, you could be sitting on the bridge for some time. jr stone, kron 4 news. we know the release date of jaycee dugard's book, this is the cover of the book, "a stolen life," released on july 12. it will chronicle her life from the kidnapping when she was just 11 through her 18 years of captivity. francis scheidegger recycling depository andnist -- phillip garrido and nancy garrido pleaded guilty. phillip garrido faces 431 years to life. nancy garrido faces 36 years to life in prison. overall the weather wasn't bad today. sunny skies, except for over the hill monopolies tomorrow, temperatures will be cool to
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start the day. grab the jacket but we will warm up into the afternoon, low 70s tomorrow afternoon, closer to the coast line cooler. san francisco 62 degrees there. winds will pick up into the afternoon as well. winds expected in the teens. neighborhood by neighborhood. 74 santa rosa. 62 san francisco. the low to mid-70s for the delta. upper 70s for the inland valley. half moon bay 59 degrees and low 70s in the south bay. here is the forecast everyone has been waiting for. looks like rain on sunday. cloudy and cool with a 30% chance of showers. light rain possible through the race. start line 49 degrees. it's going to be chilly. i am sure the runners will like this weather. it's not too bad if you are
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into the running. 58 degrees at the finish line with a chance of light rain. seven-day forecast, up and down this week. tomorrow we will be up, but breezy in the afternoon. don on wednesday, up on thursday, cooling down into the weekend as we get rain in the forecast. 20% chance saturday and 30% chance on sunday. a thrilling triple overtime playoff game in the nba. gary has the highlights ahead and it's not the -- the a's and not the giants who may have baseball's best pitcher th hey marcel, watch this!
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. all right. good evening, everybody. texas without mvp josh
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hamilton. ron washington lost 3-4 in oakland and josh willingham, who appealed his suspension from bumping the umpire on saturday in the lineup, home run in the 8. a's 3-0. trevor cahill, 6-0, e.r.a 1.72, 7 strikeouts, a's fourth win in 5 games versus texas, 7-2. arizona in town tomorrow night. nba, incredible evening. rondo playing despite a dislocated left elbow. can only play one arm. 39 minutes, 10 points, 5 assists. lebron james and miami too much and james, wow, 35 points, 14 rebounds, yet at the finish it's paul pierce, weaving
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through traffic, 27-8. 86-86. miami takes control and chris bosh, 20-12, wade had a big night, the big three victorious, they can close out wednesday night in miami. this game went three overtimes. oklahoma city and memphis, mike conley, sends it to ot. he fouls out. kevin durant, on his way to 35 points, 13 rebounds. westbrook had 30 points. 133-122, thunder in the third overtime. that series now is even at 2-2. sharks up 3-2. game 6 tomorrow night in trite detroit. patrick marleau had the puck taken away from him and set up, the goal. detroit wins to pull within 3-
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2. marleau criticized paillardomy. >> gutless, gutless performance by patrick marleau. zero points in this series. wow! troy. unbelievable. >> was he hurt on that play? >> yeah, he is hurt all right. he is hurt. >> there is nothing i can do about it. people will say things. i will go back to what i said, what i can control. >> funny. hockey you hear a number of folks, even drew saying that was uncalled for. you don't do that. in the tv business, all right. he ripped somebody. you know how it is. how many times do we break into somebody's house and get video of -- you know, an egg hatching and we go -- it's exclusive.
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yeah. kron got it. you don't care what i am saying. you are just saying shut up, let's go home. i am giving insight. >> okay. >> the sharks and randall bjerken, the a-- the shark and red wings. canucks win 2-1. they win that series 4-2. you like vancouver? >> they are a good team. i think the winner of the shark's series will win the west. >> notice how i went by pam. she doesn't care. beta breakers is coming. pam moore and a cast of thousands. >> finish line. >> finish. >> okay. you make your predictions? >> i will wait till later in the week. >> see you sunday at
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